“Poetry is many things. Poetry is life, it is water, it is earth, it is sound, it is music .… But most of all, poetry is a language that says, ‘Stay alive, do not die on me, do not move away from life.’ Because poetry is life, and it keeps people alive.”

—Sonia Sanchez, 2018 Wallace Stevens Award Winner


Poestry--Where Creativity Speaks! was born out of a desire to provide a platform for local artists, creatives and entrepreneurs, to come and talk about their craft with the District of Columbia, Maryland & Virginia audience. Over the course of the program, you will hear from Poets, Singers, Actors, Dancers, Musicians, Comedians, Playwrights and more!  


Occasionally, you will hear advice from Business & Financial experts, Dating & Marriage Coaches, as well as a local Chef who will bring you quick & delicious recipes geared towards the cooking challenged.